Beverley Brown Scotland’s Voice of Property Rounds up the Week’s

MANY parents have taken the buy-to-let route to save costs as their offspring attend university. But according to Grant Property, which lets to students, corporate investors are also being drawn to the sector, attracted by high rental yields and stability.

Managing director John Moran goes as far as saying “not even a bad Brexit deal will affect the market”. He adds: “Purchasing a property for your son or daughter generates income from letting out a spare room. But it’s the institutional and overseas investors who are scooping up properties in what they see as a flourishing market.”

Student accommodation is a far cry from the student digs of old and regulations have increased significantly to guard against “slum landlords”. This has improved safety and standards for tenants, which according to Moran, “has led to greater professionalism in the property management industry”.

29 June 2019 – Beverley Brown