Bristol University students housed across border in Wales

Students from the University of Bristol who could not find accommodation have been housed in Wales.

The university – in England – said 200 people got places through clearing and 25 of them were housed across the border.

A further 40 were given places to stay 16 miles away in Langford, Somerset.

A spokesman said they made an arrangement with a “third-party provider” in Newport, some 30 miles (48 km) from the Bristol campus.

The spokesman added that while some students were placed in Newport, often as term progressed some would move into the city, or eventually get a place in Bristol halls, due to others dropping out or choosing to live in student digs.

“One short-term option offered is staying on a temporary basis in university accommodation outside of Bristol, including at the Vet School in Langford.

“We have also made arrangements with a third-party provider at Newport and provided this as an alternative option,” he said.

The university also said those living in campuses outside of Bristol would get extra pastoral care to help them settle during the first weeks of term.

Before term began, the university offered incomers a three-day stay in halls as a base to find suitable accommodation.

There has also been an increase in requests for campus accommodation at University of West of England (UWE).

“We are a growing university, and this year we received more applications for accommodation than we have available rooms,” a UWE spokeswoman said.

The University of Bristol says out of the 200 students, 40 were placed in Langford, 16 miles away from Bristol.

UWE gave 4,700 students places at its halls of residence this year and said about 200 students were on the housing waiting list which it was working through.

12th September 2019 | By BBC