Head vs. Heart


It’s a problem that many of us will ponder as we navigate the challenges of yacht parking in the Med this summer: what to do with the odd £700,000? Commodities may be sensible; poker has its pleasures – but property offers a flutter with long-term, tangible possibilities. On the other hand property, more than almost any other investment, can be swayed as much by emotion as rationale. Which is why House & Home has looked at five locations and asked: if you had £700,000 to spend on property, would your choice be ruled by your heart or your head?


Portfolio of three properties, Scotland, £670,000

Investment specialist Grant Property recommends a portfolio of three period homes in Scotland for £670,000. The investment includes a four-bedroom house in Edinburgh that with renovation will cost £355,000; a three-bedroom home in Dundee for a total of £155,000; and a three-bed in Stirling for £160,000. Peter Grant, chief executive of Grant Property, estimates an annual return of 7.2 per cent for this investment, equating to £48,240 a year. Source: Grant Property Investment