Corporate social responsibilty

Our core values of honesty, forward thinking and respect underpin everything we do especially our responsibility to the communities and world we live in. We understand the social, environmental and economic impact Grant Property has on our stakeholders and the outside world and we have developed an ethical policy framework to guide the ways that we do business.

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our corporate social responsibility

We have embedded strong and clear Corporate Social Responsibility policies throughout our company. Our values of honesty, respect and responsibility ensure that Grant Property has:

  • Improved financial performance and transparency
  • Reduced operating costs
  • Enhanced brand image and stakeholder advocacy
  • Increased sales and customer loyalty

  • Increased productivity and quality excellence
  • Increased ability to attract, retain and develop the best people
  • Reduced regulatory oversight
  • Improved access to capital

Investing in people

The success of our company is founded on our people.

Their expertise and commitment ensures that Grant Property continues to develop and prosper. We continually provide ways to encourage and support our staff and build a positive, free-thinking culture for all our teams to thrive in.

In 2016, we were proud to receive the  the ‘Investors in Young People Gold Accreditation’. We take our commitment to Young People very seriously and take pride in fostering the next generation of talent. We look forward to giving even more varied opportunities to all our staff in the future.


Our annual, anonymous employee surveys gather valuable staff feedback to refine our working culture. We operate a staff board, which encourages ideas and discussion about business improvement, customer service and employee work life-life balance. It continues to be a highly successful opportunity for our staff to express their opinions and ideas.

We’ve found that clear, regular communication initiatives keep our staff informed and engaged.  From monthly email updates to our interactive intranet sites and “Good News” bulletins, we are able to share and celebrate staff achievements across the whole of Grant Property.

We are fully committed to fair and ethical treatment of all employees and we develop and reward staff regardless of age, sex, disability, race, marital or civil partnership status, political opinion, ethnic origin, gender, nationality, sexual orientation or religious belief.

We are committed to the healthy work-life balance of our staff and offer flexible working arrangements in addition to leave for paternity, adoption and child breaks.

We review our salary and benefits package regularly to remain competitive in the market place.  Our focus on celebrating success and hard work encourages our staff to realise their full potential.

Each Grant Property employee receives:

  • A competitive salary based on personal performance and contribution.
  • BUPA private medical insurance.
  • Wide-ranging discounts from our suppliers.
  • 22 days paid holiday (plus public holidays) which rise annually for the first three years to 25 days to reward staff loyalty.
  • In-house and external training and coaching.


Clients are the heart of our business and we continually develop ways to deliver our exceptional services in respectful, responsible and transparent way. Our services are shaped to the unique property needs of clients. We seek regular feedback to refine our services and understand the future interests of our clients.

To ensure clients remain satisfied we also communicate with Investors and landlords through monthly newsletters and will be extending this service to tenants.

Client feedback is valuable to us and we conduct monthly client satisfaction surveys to give us a regular, up-to-date view of our services and identify ways to improve this further.

For tenants we operate a 24 hour repairs service for unexpected emergencies and our website is resourced with full A-Z information for tenants and landlords, covering every property management and tenancy issue.

Grant Property’s ‘Customer First’ training is also offered to our staff to ensure our clients receive a positive and productive experience.


We always use the best quality sub-contractors and audit all suppliers to ensure they comply with Grant Property’s code of conduct. Our code of conduct provides a clear framework to monitor operating practices. Suppliers must agree and adhere to a set of conditions which ensures they always provide Grant Property with a straight-forward, efficient service that offers good value for money. This enables us to protect our business activity and, most importantly, our customers. Superior customer service and contractual/legal obligations. All suppliers/contractors must:

  1. Fully comply with all relevant laws and regulations.
  2. Only provide competent person/s that are suitably qualified to undertake the works and trained on any equipment used.
  3. Have the relevant trade or professional qualifications for the jobs instructed by Grant Property and hold valid current public and product Liability Insurance.
  4. At all times be courteous to tenants/clients and clear up/clean and remove any rubbish created.
  5. Seek permission to carry out work which will exceed the agreed quote given to Grant Property’s client.
  6. Ensure that all appointments will be carried out on the agreed times and dates.
  7. Undertake any work within the timescale given, notifying Grant Property Ltd. should this not be possible.


We recognise the impact we have on the environment. We strive to work in the most environmentally-friendly way possible, encouraging clients and staff to prioritise this. Our company aim is to care for the environment in every business activity as far as possible.

Grant Property works closely with local authorities, subcontractors and clients to review how we can reduce carbon footprints in properties we develop and reduce energy waste caused by both staff and clients.

Included in our Grant Property’s energy efficiency guide, tenants are provided with information on local recycling initiatives when they move into one of our properties and this message is highlighted by signs in each flat and using our monthly customer newsletter.

The Community

We are committed to supporting and improving the communities we live and work in.

Since Grant Property was formed, we have always supported charitable organisations and we are now fully committed to one main charity – Global Trees.

We also support one other main charity each month, selected by staff through the “GP Gives Back” group, who consult staff and clients.

In response to demand from our people who actively want to give to charity, we operate a scheme for staff to contribute monthly donations to Global Trees directly from their salary.

Grant Property support staff who take part in a volunteer programme and we pay both their salary as normal, as well as help towards the funding required.

We encourage ideas and proposals from staff and our charity committee selects the strongest idea for development.

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