Graduate Management Trainee - Finance - Edinburgh

This will suit someone who has studied Accounting or Finance at University, and achieved a First or 2:1. You now wish to pursue a CIMA qualification, and practical business experience. You will have decided that you want to specialises in a finance / Management accounting facing part of the business, and are seeking to develop your practical experience as well as management and leadership skills. Must hold a driving licence.

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The purpose of our Graduate Management Trainee Programme is to create the managers and leaders of the future. We have an ambitious growth plan for our business and want to develop talent within our business, as well as by adding to it via the Graduate programme.

The programme will combine practical hands on work, with professional training courses and certification. The courses may be a mix of internal and external courses, and will include

  • ARLA Certification
  • Sales and negotiation skills
  • ‘Train the trainer’
  • Supervisory and management skills
  • Leadership skills (of people).
  • Finance for non-finance people

We aim to have graduates management trainees, in sales, operations and Finance. Our aim is to develop the talent within the individuals core skill area, but to also to expose them to the other areas, too. The idea is to produce well rounded leaders who understand all aspects of our business.

There won’t be a set programme, as it will be tailored to the individual’s core skills, their personal aspirations, and to the practical needs and opportunities within the business. That built in flexibility help allow individuals to excel.

The individual can expect to be stretched, as we’re aiming to develop high performing leaders. The individual will also need to be flexible, by the nature of the programme, and the diversity of the business and its customer base. Some overseas travel may be required, as will some out of hours working.

Month 1:             Induction and on the job training


ARLA accreditation                                        By month 3.

Sales and negotiation skills                          By end of year 1.

Train the Trainer                                            By end of year 1.

Basic management skills.                             By end of year 1.

Management skills                                        By end year 2.

Leadership skills                                            By end year 2.

Finance for non-financial people               By end year 2.

We also run one year intern programmes. An intern who has already successfully completed a 12 month student placement year, may be able to enter the Graduate Training Programme, and benefit from a condensed management training programme.

The salary will be discussed at interview stage.

How to apply:  To apply, send a CV and cover letter to

About Sandstone:

We are a property investment and management business, headquartered in Edinburgh and with operations in 10 University cities across the UK. We help clients to invest, and create safe and affordable green homes to rent.

We have a 25 year track record of helping clients from 40 countries to invest in some 3,000 properties worth around £1bn. We launched a REIT in July 2021.

We’ve been accredited as IIP since 2004, and we were awarded the IIP Gold Standard in 2021.

We aim to go carbon positive as a business in 2021 /2.